Before the twin towers attacks there was the murders of 127 innocent women, children and men at Mountain meadows Utah by Mormons dressed as Native Americans. The cowardly false prophets lied to the weary travelers from an Arkansas wagon train who were promised safe passage by the murderous cult. They led them to the valley to camp, fed them and lied to them about Indian uprisings in the area but the only Indians in the area were those who had been brain washed with the religion that originated when a man named Joseph Smith supposedly conjured on a mountain in New York. The Angel, who he called Moroni, supposedly gave Smith a tablet with scrips that he claimed was another book of the bible. On Friday, September 11, 1857, two militiamen approached the Baker-Fancher party wagons with a white flag and were soon followed by Native American agent and militia officer John D. Lee. Lee told the battle-weary emigrants that he had negotiated a truce with the Paiutes, whereby they could be escorted safely the 36 miles (58 km) back to Cedar City under Mormon protection in exchange for turning all of their livestock and supplies over to the Native Americans.[14] Accepting this, the emigrants were led out of their fortification. The adult men were separated from the women and children. The men were paired with a militia escort. When a signal was given, the militiamen turned and shot the male members of the Baker-Fancher party standing by their side. The women and children were then <b>…</b>

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