White Rock Mountain Arkansas

White Rock Mountain is one of the tallest mountains of the Boston Mountains which made up the Ozark in Arkansas. Travelers can see the Boston Mountains a long Interstate 540 between Fort Smith and Fayetteville, Arkansas. To get to White Rock Mountain From Fort Smith, take Interstate 540 North then merge into Interstate 40 East. Travel on Interstate 40 East until you see exit 24-Mulberry, take the exit. Turn left into North 125 and go about 6 miles, you will see a small community called Fern. There is a 3 way, which both direction can also take you to White Rock Mountain. The way on the right is easier to get there, but this road were closed before due to bad condition, so you must know the other way as well. The way on the right, keep going straight until you see another three way, turn left where it says Shore Lake. You will run into gravel road soon. Go about 3-4 mile until you hit another 3-way. Turn left towards White Rock Mountain. From there will be easy. The way on the left at Fern. There will be a lot of gravel road on this one. Keep going straight until you hit a paved road, turn right at that road. Then you will run into gravel road again. Keep going even the road seems to get smaller. then you will hit another 3-ways, turn right again. Now to steep gravel road on steep hill. Do not drive too fast because your tires will not have friction on the road and you might end up on the side of the road or down the ditch. From there just going straight. There is another <b>…</b>

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