Best Trout Fishing in Virginia | Although Virginia doesn’t get the same recognition as other trout destinations like Montana do, there is plenty of great trout fishing to be had here. The state of Virginia has over 2800 miles of streams with trout in them, and there are also many pools, lakes and reservoirs that have trout in them. With all of this trout fishing water to explore, visitors to Virginia will have an amazing experience filled with great fishing and lots of delicious trout. Follow this guide to have the best possible experience fishing for trout in Virginia. Where to Find Trout in Virginia The best trout fishing in Virginia is found in the western half of the state. This is where the ancient Appalachian Mountains are located. These mountains create some of the most ideal trout habitat in the world. The mountains send icy cold water rushing down their sides, and the trout love it. Not only do the trout love this icy water, but trout fishermen will find it ideal. With more than 2800 miles of trout streams to explore, it helps to narrow it down by choosing some of the best trout streams in the state to fish. Whitetop Laurel is perhaps the best trout stream in the state. It is chock full of trout, mostly of the rainbow variety. This stream is a fly fisherman’s paradise with lots of great spots all along its length to cast from. The water is always shallow enough to walk out in the middle of the stream and get right in the midst of the trout. The George Washington <b>…</b>

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